Thursday, 3 September 2009

Hacking Dictionary


An executable computer program which is used to illegally bypass copy protection on games and commercial software by generating a random serial number, or "cd key", that matches the software it is intended to be used with.


To render a device useless, as useless as a brick.

Usually the result of tampering with the insides and doing irreversible damage. Bricking your hardware leaves you with a new paperweight (like a brick). Can be the end effect of a bad hack or firmware update, a modification (mod) gone bad.

Example : "I restarted my device before I did the last piece of the hack - Now is $55 brick"


When a piece of software stops working, but gives you no indication that it has crashed and the screen does not respond to input. (some sat nav software can take ages to boot first time (such as Igo) as they write their own settings and files, this is not considered a "hang").

Example : User1 "Installed Igo amigo yesterday, But just hangs at splash screen - gave up after 3 mins"

User2 "Amigo takes ages to load first time - you have to wait for a least 5 mins, if it hangs longer then this, I think
you have done something wrong"


Changing a programme to make it better - this includes better use of colours and icons (can also include changing a programme so much it looks nothing like the original), crap mods can cause hangs and bricking, so be carefull when installing mods.

Example : "I have written a mod that makes the menu bar smaller so you can see more of the map"


The loading page of a program.

Example :

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