Sunday, 26 July 2009

Tom Tom 6

Tom Tom 6 UK Core with POI+Speedcams
NO hacking, NO writing files, NO finding your unit ID etc, NO Stress, NO Bricking.

This will replace TurboDog, which is pretty rubbish, with TomTom, which is much better, has more features, is easier to use, and has much better maps.

Download the the files below:

Tom Tom 6 UK Core (+Europe Main Roads) 240mb (Easy Option/Direct Download)

Tom Tom 6 UK Core (+Europe Main Roads) 240mb (Requires some Bittorent knowledge)

Unpack these files to your desktop using winrar

You should now have 2 files

(Folder) GB_plus_major_roads_of_WE
(Folder) mobilenavigator

(Step 1) Remove your SD Card from your navigo or navigo V2 and insert card (insert new card here if you wish(see notes below)) into a card reader on your pc (most printers and PCs have a port) explore windows to find your SD card.

(Step 2) Once found - locate (folder) "mobilenavigator"(not the one on your desktop, the one on your SD Card) and rename "old software".

(Step 3) Now - drag (folder) "mobilenavigator" and (folder) "GB_plus_major_roads_of_WE" from desktop into the window. IF YOU GET AN ERROR(or file is already found) at this point make sure you have completed the (step 3) above or read (notes) below. P.S. It may take some time to copy files.

(Step 4) Remove SD card and Replace into navigo or navigo V2, Restart.

(notes) If you unsure at any time use a new blank SD card and do (step 1) and (step 3) not (step 2) , then just insert your orginal card if you get problems.

You can reload your old software by locating the (folder) "old software" and clicking the icon "mobilenavigator".

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