Sunday, 5 July 2009

Igo 8 Final

(For Amigo, Follow instructions below - just read as Folder (IGO 8 Final) to (Amigo).

Download the files below for rapidshare - click the link then "Free User", you may have to wait a while, then click "download"(blue button), then save to desktop. These are free but may take sometime to download (less than an hour).

IGO Amigo Final

IGO 8 Final


Unpack these files to your desktop using winrar

You should now have 3 files

Unittedkindom7ppc_83_2008.10_090218 (will call "map file" from now on)
(Folder) IGO 8 Final (or Amigo)

(Step 1) Open (folder) IGO 8 Final, then (folder) CONTENT, then (folder) MAP, drag the "map file" into the MAP window, wait a few seconds (can take upto 30 secs) when "map file" appears - close window.

(Step 2) Remove your SD Card from your navigo and insert card (insert new card here if you wish) into a card reader on your pc (most printers and PCs have a port) explore windows to find your SD card.

(Step 3) Now - drag (folder) "IGO 8 Final" from desktop into the window(onto root of SD card). P.S. It may take some time to copy files.

(Step 4) Remove SD card and Replace into navigo, (use GS finder)to find - SDMCC - IGO 8 Final - IGO".

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